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what's this site about?

After november 2nd, a lot of people outside the US gave up on the American people. 4 years ago, it was a strange sight for us to see the American people putting a monkey in the White House. It became even weirder when the monkey actually got re-elected. We found ourselves thinking the American people had gone berserk altogether, and had become truly selfdestructive.

Sorryeverybody.com was an American initiative to show that this view needs some adjustment. 48% of those who voted against Bush uttered their shame by simply displaying themselves along with a written note that expresses that shame. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes depressing, but at least the Other Side showed itself to the world.

So let's answer to these cries by telling the Americans it's okay. It is mostly them who have to live with the monkey after all. Anyway, what would you like to say to the American People? Take a photo and submit it on this website.

Whose initiative is this?

This is an initiative of some worried Dutch civilians. This website is not supposed to be a Dutch or European view on this topic: anyone in the world outside the US is invited to join.

Why should i donate?

Making and maintaining this website is a volunteer job, obviously. But, *make no mistake*, since so many people have found this website, the data traffic generated by all of those coming here, is tremendous. Data traffic costs money. The makers of this website have no money whatsoever. Though we do get a lot of help from our friends at Slik Media, we depend on donations. Of course, you can also help us by clicking on the banners on our site.

I posted an image, but why wasn't it placed on the website?

We're doing all we can to post all relevant messages. If your image was not placed it can be because it was too big (in terms of pixels), or because we thought it was hostile/hateful/irrelevant. It's even possible that we failed to place the image because it was simply lost in the flood of images that we're receiving. We are doing all we can, but it's humans at work here!