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Apologies Accepted


We, wanderers of the world outside the US, have been touched by the initiative of www.sorryeverybody.com, and the huge amount of photos they received. The initiators of this website would like to show to the American people that they appreciated that message.

Get your pencil, grab a piece of paper and write what you think. All it takes is a simple digital camera and this website to express yourself. Bush's inauguration does not mark the end of all dispute - it is just beginning.

Do you have questions about this site? Do you think it should be better? What did we achieve with your donation? Feel free to get in touch.

We know now that an image says more than a thousand words...but that doesn't mean written contributions are unwelcome! If you have read or written an article on our subject, please submit it through email.

This site generates a LOT of traffic, which costs us dearly. Feel free to cover some of our spending!